Special Issue - March 2009

CUE’S Dinner at Simon Kinberg’s with James Mangold!

Special Announcement
Carol Becker, the new Dean of the School of the Arts, was in Los Angeles in February, and CUE’s founding board members were invited to a private dinner to meet her. The dinner was graciously hosted by distinguished alumnus Simon Kinberg (SoA '01) and his wife Mali, and was also attended by James Mangold (SoA '99), his wife, producer Cathy Konrad, Dave Beeman (Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, SoA), Stephanie Cook (Associate Director for Development) and Alexandra Jamison, (SoA Film L.A. Industry Outreach Coordinator Student Fellow.)

The highlight for CUE’s leadership was having an opportunity to sit down with some of Columbia’s best known alumni in an intimate setting and get to know them better. Simon Kinberg and James Mangold were happy to talk shop with us, while expressing interest in future endeavors with our burgeoning organization. We look forward to seeing them and their families at our upcoming events, and we’re grateful to the school for helping to make this dinner and our larger networking events possible. We, at CUE, have been thrilled and appreciative of the Kinbergs’ generous support of our efforts – in addition to hosting this dinner, they provided the venue for our amazingly successful 2007 launch party, and Simon opened up his office to us for an entertaining and inspiring interview last fall (See: "My Date with Simon Kinberg", by Paul Francis, SoA '99).

The Dean and company expressed how impressed they are with CUE’s growth – we have achieved something truly historic, as this is the first official entertainment alumni wing in recent Columbia memory, and it was started by a group of alumni volunteers who wanted to leverage our common connections to Columbia to help us network, keep in touch and ultimately succeed in Hollywood.

Through our cross-promotional efforts, CUE has helped to vastly improve the attendance at other Columbia events, including this year’s Columbia Alumni Association’s Sundance party, so word has gotten around beyond the hallowed halls of Columbia or hills of Hollywood. Our branding has made such an impression that the school is discussing starting a CUE liaison at Columbia to help students make the difficult transition to Los Angeles.

CUE Board with Dean and alumni

Top Row: John Akin (CUE Webmaster, SoA'99), Herschel Faber (CUE Asst. Events Coord., SoA '00),
Scott Foster (CUE Events Coord., SoA '98), Simon Kinberg (SoA '01), James Mangold (SoA '99), Dave Beeman (Assoc. Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, SoA), Alexandra Jamison (SoA Film L.A. Industry Outreach Coord. Student Fellow), Carol Becker (Dean, SoA), Stephanie Cook (Associate Director for Development)

Bottom Row: NaRhee Ahn (CUE Newsletter Editor, SoA '99), Ed McGinty (CUE Co-Chair, SoA '06),
Mary Prendergast (CUE Membership and Outreach Coord., SoA '98), Ricardo Acuña (CUE Co-Chair, SoA '97)

Special Announcement

  • Save the date for the Columbia University MFA Actor Showcase:

    May 4, 2009 - 1 and 7pm
    Matrix Theatre 7657 Melrose Ave
    RSVP to showcase@columbiastages.com with your name, affiliation, and performance time.

  • Columbia University Film Festival: Dates have also been announced for the
    2009 Columbia University Film festival in Los Angeles:

    June 3 - 4, 2009
    5300 Melrose Avenue
    (enter at Van Ness Avenue gate)
    Hollywood, CA
    View Map
    Wednesday, June 3
    9am-4pm ScriptConnect
    6:30pm Faculty Selects Film Screenings

    Thursday, June 4
    9am-4pm ScriptConnect

  • Spring CUE Event: as part of the festival, CUE is organizing an event for alumni. We'll keep you posted on the details.

  • Meeting Venue: We are also searching for an appropriate venue for our monthly organizational meetings (as opposed to the cafe and bar haunts where we've been holding our meetings - email your suggestions to Scott Foster), and we have been discussing the formation of a professional advisory board.

  • Email Newsletters, Features and Announcements: This year we plan to continue our quarterly email newsletters with additional alumni interviews and announcements. If you have announcements relevant to the So Cal Alumni community, please email them to NaRhee Ahn at editor@cue-network.org.

  • SoA has an updated Alumni Website: Note that the School of the Arts has changed/updated its alumni listserv and it's now integrated with the School's updated alumni website. Update your alumni profile here.

  • Join the Board: We welcome those who are interested in joining the CUE Board for 2009-2010 and especially those interested in taking on specific responsibilities within our organization. CUE's board is comprised of Alumni volunteers just like you! For info on our next meeting please email Co-Chair Ricardo Acuña at ricardoacuna@cue-network.org.

  • CUE Facebook group note: CUE has a group on Facebook, to join it, you must be a part of the Columbia Facebook "network".

    • To join the Columbia network, you need an active Columbia email, which can be obtained/reactivated through Columbia's alumni association website.

    • If you add your Columbia email to your facebook email contact information, you should be able to join the Columbia network... (Keeping this setting selective allows us to ensure that only Columbia Alumni are joining the Facebook group...)

Alumni Announcements

Stuart Halperin MBA '89 writes – I am CEO of Ultimate Movie Site, a new destination for movie fans which combines deep aggregated content (trailers, tickets, photos, reviews, credits, news, merchandise, etc.) with social networking and a challenge atmosphere (you get points and rise in status as you become more active). Tony Bill (Oscar-winning producer of "The Sting", director of "My Bodyguard" and author of "Movie Speak: How to Talk Like You Belong on a Film Set") is looking to mix it up with movie fans on the art of filmmaking and has agreed to an online Q&A exclusively on Ultimate Movie Site. Perhaps some of you will enjoy interacting with Tony. Any feedback on Ultimate Movie Site -- which will be adding many features and content over the upcoming months -- would be greatly appreciated.

Herschel Faber SOA Film '00 writes - Open Door Films is actively seeking new material to be developed for the web - all genres considered. The partners in the company are Cori Fry, an Emmy-nominated producer of "Last Comic Standing," and me, a writer, director and producer of new media for the last three years. If you think you have the next great idea for a web-series, we have the ability to bring it to computer screens everywhere. Please query with ideas, treatments or finished scripts to zalex24@sbcglobal.net.

ultimate movie site

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