Vol. 3 No. 2 - June 2009
CU Film Festival in LA, Kathryn Bigelow and more!
CUE Summer Bash - Final Reminder!
Wednesday, June 3
6:30pm - Faculty Selects Film Screenings

9:00pm - 12:00am - CUE and SoA Networking Party
               Open Bar. Passed appetizers.

Thursday, June 4
6:00pm - Panel - From the Producer's Perspective:
               Getting Your Film Made in L.A.

Raleigh Studios
650 N Bronson Ave (cross street Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90004 (map)
(Park on the street or adjacent lots).

Admission for all events is FREE but you
RSVP by June 1 - Today!

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cue summer party

Editor's Note
It's dizzying - In this summer of worldwide economic recession/repression, tentpole box office stumbles/crumbles and studio bankruptcies/inefficiencies, can we still expect the hopeful future so unabashedly presented by SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE's win at the Oscars, or is that whirlwind of the underdog little movie that could just a naïve tailspin? I personally hold fast to my own anchor, that a good story well told at the right time will still find an audience, whether they need it to open their eyes to their own education or to be entertained to escape the heavy cares of the world. You can find just what you need among the many notable films by Columbia alumni like Cannes Directors Fortnight winner AMREEKA directed by Cherien Dabis, ADVENTURELAND directed by Greg Mottola or THE HURT LOCKER directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

Perhaps when we finally come to rest for a moment from the craziness we actually find that the human condition still has room for rooting for the dark horse, helping the lost to find their way, and inspiring each other to weather the storm. I hope that we Columbia alumni can stay connected to a greater community and keep that compass guiding in our journey through our arts and entertainment careers.

NaRhee Ahn

Editor's Note
CUE is off to great start in '09 with the formation of writing groups in the Los Angeles area thanks to Mark Huisman, Columbia adjunct assistant professor for the film program. CUE is also excited to announce the formation of the CUE Actors Group organized by Chris Maddox and Noel Arthur. CUE had an excellent time at the CU Actors' Showcase in Los Angeles this year, and for the third year in a row, CUE is proud to bring you the CU Film Festival Networking Party at Raleigh Studios after the Faculty Select screenings and the presentation of the Andrew Sarris Alumni Recognition Award to Kathryn Bigelow, this Wednesday 9:00 PM to midnight with open bar, appetizers and DJ music. On Thursday, CUE will host the panel "From the Producer's Perspective: Getting Your Film Made in L.A." with our very own Amy Talkington (SoA '99) as moderator. CUE has been working hard with School of the Arts and Columbia SoCal to bring you these amazing events, so don't miss out, RSVP now, and we'll see you there!

Ricardo Acuña, CUE Co-Chair
Edward McGinty, CUE Co-Chair

Alumni Announcements
Kathryn Bigelow unlocks the HURT LOCKER
Written by NaRhee Ahn, SOA Film '99

Kathryn Bigelow SOA Film '79 is the recipient of Columbia University's 2009 Andrew Sarris award for alumni achievement. As a conceptual artist turned filmmaker, Kathryn studied at The San Francisco Art Institute and The Whitney Museum Independent Study Program before entering the graduate film program. In her multi-genred career, Kathryn has brought to the screen society's outcast bikers in THE LOVELESS (1982); vampires in a wild wild west in NEAR DARK (1987); Jamie Lee Curtis as a tough cop in BLUE STEEL (1990); Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the mother of all undercover FBI agent infiltrating surfing bank robbers flicks POINT BREAK (1991); STRANGE DAYS (1995) written and co-produced by James Cameron featuring a kick-ass Angela Bassett protecting Ralph Fiennes; THE WEIGHT OF WATER about complicated families (2000) and K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER (2002) starring Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. In her own words, Kathryn's experience at Columbia wasn't the actual set up for her film career even though her thesis film ironically was titled THE SET-UP. "I transitioned from art to film while at Columbia, completing my first film, THE SET-UP, with voiceover commentary by cultural theorists Syslvere Lotringer and Marshall Blonsky."


Alumni Announcements
SOA Film alumni now have their own writing groups focused exclusively on developing original feature screenplays and television pilots meeting in Los Angeles. Attendance is free, but each writing group has their own meeting and participation policies.

CU Eastside Writers meets every 3 weeks in Eagle Rock. Members are Ricardo Acuna, Danielle Beeber, Charity Bustamante, Mitchell Gutman, Micky Hohl, Matt Nasatir and David Olcott. To join please email Ricardo Acuna at writericardoacuna@yahoo.com.

CU Westside Writers meets every other week in Santa Monica at homes TBD and members are Odin Ozdil, Daniel Housman, Mike Stone, Michael R. Moore and Chanan Beizer. To join please email Daniel Housman at danielsaul@earthlink.net.

CU Greater Los Angeles Writers meets every other week Wednesdays at 7:30pm in West Hollywood. Members are NaRhee Ahn, Jessiline Berry, Ben Hayflick, Ted Kim and Alison McKenzie. To join please email NaRhee Ahn at koreanfilm@gmail.com.

Alumni Announcements
Want to know what's been going on with your fellow alumni? - Here's your chance to make your announcements, ask for assistance and network. Keep sending these in; we'd love to know what you've been working on.

Bettina Moss SOA Film '83 writes - I am on faculty at National University in the School of Media and Communication (National is the 2nd largest private, non profit university in California). I am in the process of launching a new MFA Program in Professional Screenwriting at the university. This new program is 95% online with a 2 week residency in L.A. It is created by and taught by people working in the industry. It is ideal for people who wish to pursue their writing dream while working full time and/or raising families. Please go to www.nu.edu for more information.

Ricardo Acuna SOA Film '96 writes - My poetry reading performance of GREETINGS FROM HEAVEN AND HELL is at The New LATC, Saturday, June 13. $10 admission includes beer & wine. Buy tickets. 7 pm Reception, 8 pm Performance, 10 pm After Party (Ticketholders Only) With a little help from my talented musician, actor and artist friends, I confide the heaven and hell of working and living in the city, of marriage, of writing, of Bukowski, of drinking, of fear and loathing during the Bush dictatorship, and of trying to make peace with myself after losing my father. For more, visit www.writeracuna.com.

Please check out the World Premiere at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival of the feature film DEAR LEMON LIMA, one of 7 films in Narrative Competition, written and directed by Suzi Yoonessi (SOA Film '07), produced by Jonako Donley (CC '05) and Melissa Lee, and post-supervised by Mary Prendergast (SOA Film '98). The fine cast in this family comedy includes Melissa Leo, Academy Award Nominee for FROZEN RIVER. DEAR LEMON LIMA Official Site.

- Saturday 20 June 7:15PM @ Mann Festival, Westwood *world premiere & opening weekend for the festival*
- Tuesday 23 June 4:30PM @ Landmark Theatre 8 Click here to purchase tickets.

Lia Johnson CC '97 writes - The film I produced I'M THROUGH WITH WHITE GIRLS (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) premiered on Showtime in January and is currently airing. Check out the trailer on youtube.com.

Saddle Ranch Productions Seeks Interns for Summer 2009 Saddle Ranch Productions has the following 15 internships available:1) Producer's Intern 2) Line Producer's Intern 3) Office PA Intern 4) Set PA Intern 5) Director's Intern 6) Sound Intern 7) Wardrobe Intern 8) Set Dressing Intern 9) Prop Intern 10) Camera Intern 11) Art Direction Intern 12) Grip Intern 13) Electric Intern 14) Swing Intern 15) Utility Intern. Please send cover letter and resume to Fabrice E. Torchon at RockAndRollTheMovie@gmail.com.

More Events
Speed Dating with The Ivy Connection
Monday, June 8th in Santa Monica - ages 21-34 and 35-47, Tuesday, June 9th in Irvine - ages 21-34, Wednesday, June 10th in Irvine - ages 35-47

Interested in meeting other single Ivy plus alumni? Our speed dating events consist of a maximum of 12 five-minute mini dates. We are the only speed dating company exclusively open to graduates of top schools. For more information and to register for an event, please visit theivyconnection.com.

More Events

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